Saturday, February 15, 2014

NYFW: Snow, Sleet and Socks

New York Fashion Week, I hardly knew you... with all of the snow, the difficulty getting around town and the thought of having to wear socks or not, NYFW has come and gone to London...

and on the last day when Marc Jacobs showed during a blizzard, everyone dressed winter ready:

Street style photos from NYFW 2014.

I guess what I used to love about street style photography is that it was seeing the way real people put together a look - because most of us do not dress the way clothes are presented in magazines: in a head to toe runway look.  

We buy something new, something vintage : ) and mix it all up.  Fashion then becomes style.  

But suddenly street style photography became an orgy of color, caricature and over accessorizing - once again not the real way anyone dresses and certainly not style.

So what of the fashion on the runway?  I admit my heart is more in Paris, sometimes in Milan and more and more in London... and I really don't have enough time to look through endless shows on so I may very well have missed something amazing.  

I always look forward to Marc Jacobs and I thought this show which was going to herald a new focus on the Marc Jacobs line, without the commitment to Louis Vuitton, was a huge disappointment.  Vaguely Courreges, the styling drew more attention then the clothes...  Nothing there I had to have and with the cost of clothes these days you have to really want it.

The show I absolutely loved was Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein.  He showed real clothes but different then anything else we have in our closets - and clothes that made you feel really excited to go out and buy.  And with the weather we are having I would love to have those combat boots he showed with every look right now but alas we have to wait until August... : (

"It felt like the clothes needed to be cooler, urban; there was this idea of a gypsy."
Francisco Costa

Fuzzy, wuzzy was a Costa this collection.  He estimated that 85% of the collection was a cozy knit.

and I love the homespun but really refined feel of the collection.  If you look closely, you will see that many of the jackets and coats closed with oversized safety pins with big plastic baubles on them...

Calvin Klein fall 2014.  Photos from

and just one last note on socks... I loved the socks at Rodarte!  Hope they are produced!!

Rodarte fall 2014.  Photos from

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