Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Something New: Acquazzura

In honor of the start of Milan Fashion Week and because woman can not live by vintage alone... my something new column...

Something new

One day while wandering the new gorgeous shoe floor at Barneys, I spied a beautiful flat shoe with a tiny gold heel and a cage/corset style ankle tie.  I was utterly bewitched and so I discovered Acquazzura made in Florence and with a golden pineapple at the bottom of each shoe.

Acquazzura is made by a Colombian, Edgardo Osorio, who studied at Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion.  At 18 he moved to Florence and worked for Salvatore Ferragamo, Rene Caovilla and Roberto Cavalli before launching Acquazzura.  He is known for "sexy shoes that are comfortable".  Scrrratch!  What?  Who said that??  A SHOE designer?  Comfortable?  

I was actually in Christian Louboutin one day and there was a woman with her toes squeezed into a pump - it was not attractive and it certainly did not look comfortable but the salesman talked her into buying them anyway (quite easily) and there left another woman in another pair of uncomfortable  shoes and a future of hideous feet.  Because the truth is ill fitting shoes will distort your feet.  And if you have ever seen the feet of a certain celebrity who is always in high, high heels you will know exactly what I mean.

So Acquazzura is made in Florence, home to the craft of shoe making, and they are made from a single sole in soft leather and cashmere suede with additional cushioning for comfort.  Ready to order a pair : ) ?!

The one that caught my eye:

and loving:

love, kisses and something new, Juliana

PS The golden pineapple logo comes from the South of Europe where the villas have pineapples in the entrance...

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