Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When Serge Met Jane and Bought Her a Sabbia Rosa Nightgown

In 1976 Monette Moati opened Sabbia Rosa on Rue des Saints-Peres and she said "My shop seemed like a confrontation, a challenge.  Women were not ready then."

Women in 1976 were burning their bras, stockings and garters in front of the feminist book store that was across the street from Sabbia Rosa.

But there was one woman who was ready for French silk and lace.  Serge Gaisnbourg walked in shortly after Moati opened the doors and bought a gift for his girlfriend, Jane Birkin.  And it inspired the song 'Les Dissous Chic'.

and vintage Sabbia Rosa at RARE vintage.  Black silk.  Sheer.  Soft black lace. Open sides with delicate ribbons.  Do with it what you will... 

"Les dessous chic, c'est des dentelles et des rubans"
Jane Birkin

Sabbia Rosa black silk and lace nightgown available for purchase at RARE vintage.
info@rarevintage.com or 212.581.7273

love, kisses, vintage and beautiful naughtiness, Juliana : )

Les Dessous Chic

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